Natural Fertility Therapy

CReATe Fertility London is one of the leading clinics in the region to provide Natural Fertility Therapy services. Natural Fertility Therapy includes various non-invasive alternatives that promote natural fertility and healthy pregnancy. Some of the important aspects include counseling, fertility medication (only when required), guidance for timing sexual intercourse and, above all, understanding and acknowledging that the journey to parenthood needs partners to be together.

If you have not been able to conceive for the last year, the team at CReATe Fertility London, based on your medical tests for fertility assessment, would usually recommend Natural Fertility Therapy as the first line of treatment. We only jump to more significant forms of therapy in cases where the initial testing demonstrates a significant abnormality.

1. High natural pregnancy rates

CReATe Fertility London has a well-developed program for Natural Fertility Therapy and assists couples to conceive naturally. Through our program of cycle monitoring, medication & supplements, and timed intercourse, numerous couples are able to conceive naturally within the first month they try, while others achieve success within a few months of trying.

Our team of clinicians encourages couples and partners to understand that in cases where there are no medical barriers such as blocked tubes or low sperm counts, most young couples can achieve pregnancy within 1 year of trying.

2. Infertility is common

If you are blaming yourself or your partner for your inability to conceive, please stop immediately. Infertility is a common issue and 1 in 6 Canadian couples is affected by it. It is however important to know that the majority of infertility cases can be addressed through medical interventions. It’s important to seek the right professional assistance at the right time.

3. Timing sexual intercourse may not always be exact

Your fertile window is about 6 days prior to ovulation, so there is such a thing as an optimal time to be sexually active. However, because not every woman ovulates at the same time, it can difficult to pinpoint that “optimal time”. CReATe Fertility London helps you formulate a plan to increase your pregnancy chances. Our team can also support you with advice about ovulation to maximize your chances. We also assist women with irregular cycles due to hormonal imbalances like polycystic ovary syndrome.

Our guidance and education can help dispel numerous infertility myths that pertain to timing of intercourse, frequency of ejaculation, or sexual practices. It’s actually a lot simpler than you think!

4. Focus on a healthy life – Diet and Lifestyle

In almost all cases, lifestyle is key when planning a healthy pregnancy. It is vital that we make the necessary lifestyle modifications to ensure your success.

Clinicians, including physicians, nurses, and a Registered Dietician, assess your lifestyle and suggest simple but effective changes to your diet and lifestyle, ensuring that you have the best chances favoring pregnancy.

Aspects like smoking, alcohol intake, physical activity, obesity, diet are all taken into consideration.

If you are facing infertility issues and wish to have the right chances to make your parenthood dreams come true, self-refer yourself to CReATe Fertility London today!