Donor Sperm

Sperm Donation is an integral part of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and In-vitro Fertilization (IVF). In this process sperm from a known or an anonymous donor is used to impregnate a female, either through insemination or using the donor sperm for IVF.

Who should consider using donor sperm?

You should consider sperm donation if any of the following medical or individual challenges apply to you:

  • If the male partner has low male factor – low or absent sperm count, deformed sperm or low sperm quality that cannot be corrected through IVF
  • Same-sex female couples intending to start a family
  • Single women intending to get pregnant

Sperm donors can be known or anonymous. The type of donor one chooses is a highly personal decision and will depend on any number of factors. Regardless of the type of donor chosen, various considerations and requirements apply. The entire process is regulated by Health Canada.

If you wish to opt for a known (family or friend) or an anonymous sperm donor, it is best that you consider various psycho-social aspects too. Feel free to discuss your issues with your doctor. You can also connect with the social worker at CReATe Fertility London.

Sperm Donation by Known Donor for IUI and IVF treatment:

If your legal partner or a known donor is donating the sperm for the IUI and the IVF treatments, CReATe Fertility London has a well-developed laboratory for semen collection and processing.

The team of clinicians at, CReATe Fertility London can also arrange preparation of your sperm for subsequent IVF treatment sessions at CReATe Fertility Centre, Toronto – one of Canada’s leading IVF centers.

CReATe Fertility Centre, Toronto has one of Canada’s largest programs for known sperm donation. This program allows prospective parents to choose a donor with whom they have a personal connection, such as a friend or a family member.

Sperm Donation by Anonymous Donor for IUI and IVF treatment:

To aid your search for the right anonymous sperm donor, CReATe Fertility London will connect you with the right agencies and accredited establishments. These certified sperm banks will provide you the donor profiles and assist you to make a choice based on blood type, age, weight, height, race, and other features.

Some of the donor agencies that we work with are: