Counseling for Infertility

CReATe Fertility London understands that dealing with infertility is challenging and emotional. The results of the fertility treatments recommended by the doctor may not always be positive and the journey to parenthood may need patience, persistence and perseverance.

You may need or want support before, during and after your fertility treatment. To meet your needs, CReATe Fertility London provides you access to a social worker who has expertise and training to deal with individuals and partners going through fertility treatment.

  • Our counselors will help you assess your situation so that you can make informed decisions when you decide you opt for donated sperm, egg or surrogate, either through a known or anonymous donor.
  • Our counselors will also help you cope with the stress and the pressures associated with infertility and fertility treatment by providing you information to always make informed choices and value your life and personal goals.
  • The team of psychologists and counselors follow national and international standards that recommend counseling in third party reproduction programs as a part of best practice guidelines.

Each patient at CReATe Fertility London is informed about the access to a social worker and counselor and is urged to seek support.