Egg Donation

Egg Donation is a safe and effective procedure in which a known or anonymous woman donates her eggs to another woman (recipient) to increase her chances of becoming pregnant.

Who should consider using an Egg Donor?

Your doctor will assess your medical history and if any of the individual challenges listed below apply to you, you may consider acquiring eggs through egg donation (from a known or unknown donor) for assisted reproduction.

  • If you have a low ovarian reserve and your ovaries don’t produce eggs due to genetic causes, cancer treatment or premature menopause
  • If your ovaries produce low-quality eggs due to advanced reproductive age (over 38 yrs)
  • If your ovaries contain genetic abnormalities (heritable diseases) which may result in a poor chance of achieving a healthy pregnancy
  • If you are a same-sex male couple or a single male wishing to have children

What does egg donation treatment involve?

To donate eggs, the donor is prescribed medication that helps develop multiple eggs over a single cycle. These eggs are removed from the donor ovaries using an aspirated needle guided by an ultrasound probe. Post collection, the eggs are evaluated by an embryologist and prepared for IVF.

In the embryology lab, the eggs are mixed with the sperm of the recipient’s partner and the fertilized embryos are then transferred into the womb of the recipient for pregnancy.

What is the chance that a donor egg cycle will result in pregnancy?

The success of egg donation depends on many factors but is not considered to be related to the age of the recipient. Typically, the success rates using donor eggs will be several times higher than if a woman used her own eggs, depending on the type of donor that is chosen.

Your doctor will assess your medical history and share your prognosis with you.

Egg Donation with CReATe Fertility London

CReATe Fertility London is a partner clinic to CReATe Fertility Toronto, one of Canada’s leading IVF centers. If you have a known donor (family/friend) who is ready to donate their eggs to you, CReATe Fertility has a well-developed plan to support the process.

If you wish to procure eggs through an anonymous donor, CReATe Fertility can also connect you with accredited and recognized agencies, for both fresh and frozen donor eggs. You can review the donor profile and assess the necessary information provided to make a decision. Our team is also available to answer questions during the donor selection process as we know this can be an exciting and stressful decision.